"Coming together is a beginning...
        Working together is success."   --Henry Ford

Asmus Farm Supply, Inc., an agricultural chemical retail business, has served Midwestern agriculture since 1960. Harlan and Amy implemented an asset tracking system in 2002 utilizing hand-held scanners to read bar code tags attached to mini-bulk tanks. They modified their accounting software to generate customer information bar codes, document bar codes and to pull customer information without double entry. Asmus Farm Supply, Inc. brings experience, knowledge and professionalism into the agricultural chemical industry to SecureTracs. They know the challenges of tracking mini-bulk assets while understanding how EPA and DOT regulations affect the legal distribution of tanks and their contents.

Stainlez/Cropland Containers understand the industrial container industry. This sets Brian Bilyeu and Lavonne Parker apart from their competition. Stainlez designs and develops new and rebuilt container components, and also operates two facilities that process and recondition industrial containers. The SecureTracs family of products reflects their knowledge of container testing, container compliance, and shipping. Stainlez /Cropland Containers also contribute to this partnership with their vast experience in dealing with warehouse applications of labeling, bar coding, RFID technology and how that applies to EPA and DOT regulations.

Next Generation Technologies (NGT) is a full-service technology company with products and services ranging from personal computing sales and service to multi-site WAN/LAN engineering, project management, IT strategic planning, IT committee participation, security, and system integration. Brian Blodgett has been an integral part in developing and implementing the individual tracking/compliance systems at both Asmus Farm Supply and Cropland Containers. NGT mixes their technological expertise with the industry experience of the team staff, making the SecureTracs family of products unequaled. Let NGT's technical experience work for you in the management of growing EPA and DOT regulations.


Secure Locating Technologies, Inc. is a collaboration of partners with years of experience in the field of agronomic asset tracking, tank reconditioning, and computer technology.
Henry Ford's quote, "Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." truly sums up our history as a company. The unique partnership between agricultural retailing, tank manufacturing and reconditioning, and a computer technology group, bring an unparalleled pool of knowledge to the SecureTracs' family of products.
This partnership started with the need for a reliable, fast and easy tool the industry could use to be compliant with DOT regulations and the EPA 2011 Rule. Next Generation Technologies (NGT) worked with Asmus Farm Supply, Inc. on updating their custom asset tracking system to include a compliance and testing component. NGT also worked with Stainlez/Cropland Containers to add an asset tracking module to their existing software.
Bringing together partners from different perspectives has created a successful team, capable of bringing technology to everyone in an industry looking for solutions to their tank compliance and tracking needs.