Welcome to SecureTracs

Secure Locating Technologies, Inc. is a collaboration of partners years of experience in the field of agronomic asset tracking, tank reconditioning, and computer technology. This unique partnership created the SecureTracs family of products and is backed by an unparalleled pool of knowledge that is integrated into the software, resulting in tracking systems that provide ease of use, compliance, stewardship and reliability for your business.

SecureTracs is a world-class container tracking software system. Using bar coding/RFID technology, SecureTracs integrates service focused on asset tracking and federally regulated product traceability. The usage of our software, scanners/readers and labels will allow real-time tracking of DOT and EPA certification requirements online. We have products for use in the fields of:

  • Agriculture
  • Bulk transport of Chemicals or other Liquid Products
  • Container Suppliers or Reconditioners

To see our systems, contact us for our demo or stop by our office.

EPA 2011 Rule

Records can be manually written on a paper log sheet, entered into a spreadsheet log, or any type of database format or inventory system.
  • Container's unique identifier
  • Refiller's EPA establishment number
  • Product filled into the container
  • Quantity of product filled into the container
  • Date and time the container is refilled
  • Container type by name
  • Container by gallon capacity
  • Registrant authorizing this container as refillable
  • Date and time the container is shipped out
  • Name where container is shipped
  • Date and time the container was returned
  • Date container was inspected and tested
Note: refill records are required to be kept for 3 years after the date of repacking